Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 16, 2016

…JUST YOU AND ME…~by Anita Sahoo

As insisted by my friend Annisa Andromeda to write a love poem..I am trying my hand in it..though it is not my cup of tea…Annisa..this is for You…




In my hours of solitude
come and sit with me
let us watch the sunset by the
shore of the sea

Let me come
a little closer to hold
you near my heart
so that you can hear
my heart throbing
pulsating your name
you can hear the tide
feel the sea quivering
trying to come out to
spread on the beach
of my cheeks
with just a blink
the breaming water
the beating beats
the swollen emotions
melting into an ocean
and oozing drops dropping and flowing
out from the deepest
corner of my eyes
all because of your
mere presence
all because of you
my love
sitting near to me
invading the mind
and soul in me

Let me come a
little closer
so that You can look
into my eyes
eyes holding your image
weaving dreams
around you
dreams of cascades
glisten dews glittering
bees humming
hymns of love

standing in it
holding your reflection in me
rhyming the hymns
of love on my lips
I am waiting
to immerse in you
as a whole
with body.. heart..and soul
pertaining into your
loving hug
assimilating you in me
alluring you to forever live in me
being a part of me
just you and me
becoming we…
Copyright@Anita Sahoo

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