Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 16, 2016

New Book – Whittlings~by Paul F. Lenzi



New Book – Whittlings

My latest book “Whittlings: A Poetry Chapbook” is now available at Amazon in paperback and kindle editions, as well as at Barnes & Noble or through your local bookdealer. After having published seventeen full-length collections of poetry, I thought I would try something a little different. In this case, a chapbook. Which is to say a smaller, more friendly-sized collection of poems. Easier on the hand as well as the purse.


Stonewood Press – 72 pages

“This is the first chapbook authored by the internationally acclaimed poet Paul F. Lenzi. In departure from his many full length collections, this delightful slender volume provides easy opportunity to appreciate the talented voice of this remarkable writer.

These original poems give currency to some of the complexities of our human experience. They are at once provocative, poignant, stylish and readily accessible. They are also quite memorable. Rich with artful syntax, this chapbook stands a fine and fit example of the best contemporary American poetry.”

If you would like autographed or inscribed copies of any of my books, please contact me by e-mail at




  1. thank you for sharing my news with your readers

    • most welcome and best to you always!

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