Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 16, 2016

” solitude “~by Raj Babu Gandham



” solitude “

though I am alone
never I am lonely
always I carry
a friend within me

my soul is my friend
my truth is my companion
my voice within
ever guiding myself

can anyone alter
truth in existence
falling leaves, sprouting seeds
smiling at us

our yearnings for what not
not yielding to what have
ever aspiring, chasing
futile efforts, unknown cries

hear your voice within
listen to your truth
whispers of your soul
always guides you righteous

these pulls and pushes
games of our minds
is what with we have to be
alert nd cautious every moment

these mundane pleasures
camouflaged smiles
artificial hugs
sugar coated words

never move you
on your path of life
on your walk of wisdom
to abode of consciousness

listen to your soul
listen your voice within
listen the music of nature
listen to truth within


… yathi Raj Babu Gandham source from facebook.

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