Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 17, 2016

Hopes and dreams so many~by Sandra Regina Viana



Hopes and dreams so many

The world is saved every day by small gestures.
Tiny, invisible. The world is saved by the reverse of importance.
The antonym of evidence.
The world is saved by a look.
Involving and stroke. Abarca.
Rescues. Acknowledges. Saved.
The sun rises, the moon the Estrelar
A slight breeze brings poetry …
Life rehearses charms …
Smiles, to console the weeping.
Hopes and dreams so many;
that bloom in the soul
Perfume every step
And the heart, decorated with love in gentle loops.
It comes to be, words, looks, hugs …
Involving calmly.
The faith that welcomes …
Heart, which collects …
Each sweet reminder of the day.
To be tender melody.
Nurtures and guides the steps.
May your day be enlightened by the Divine Light

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