Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 17, 2016

Sealed with a Kiss~by Norman Wilson



Sealed with a Kiss

They left in scorched skies
In flooding death
Never to recover
While few are left
Sealed with a coffin kiss
Upon their breath

For them we shall miss
Comrades of fellowship
Who care no more
About the fray of war
Subjugated to crosses on the hill
Where spirits can rest
Eternally still

Seekers of peace
Have gone before
Those that bring the raft of war
On echo of wind
That no one cares to hear
For brothers fallen
In shallow earthen graves
Covered with human tears

Generations of life
Has been spent
In a savage war
That never relents
So when will they ever learn
War has no victors
In hallowed halls
For the fallen dead

All rights reserved 09/09/16
Norman Francis

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