Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 19, 2016

I Scribe my Words ~ by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



I Scribe my Words
Written by Patrick Kevin O’Shea 20/09/2016

I strike my pen
And dash my ink
To scribe my words
My mind to think
I cast to mast
On ship’s on sea’s
My mind in thought
That blow’s in breeze
I take from passed
For you to read
To fill my Quill
From ink to feed
You heart to beat
Much faster so!
My mind, my thoughts
In gust’s, to blow
I clutch from past
To now, somehow
To scribe and craft
For you I show
I cross the tee’s
Then , dot the I’s
That beams some smiles
But alas some sighs
I paint the truth
With my script in tune
To scribe my word
Inside this room
As I strike my pen
And I strobe my ink
I stretch my Quill
That makes me think
As I rhyme my words
I hope you like
As I drop my pen
To close my write

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