Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 19, 2016

One Wing~by Karen King



One Wing

She had lost her wings and her flight to freedom.
She was stuck in a cave.
A rock had been placed over the entrance
By people who thought they were helping.
She found morsels in the walls
When tiny insects would creep in for shelter.
The tiny puddle near the entrance gave her water.
It was dark, fetid and deadly silent.
She stumbled in the unrelenting darkness,
Which was broken by a chink of light
As it reached around the rock
At the start and end of the day.

One morning, instead of there
Being a crack of light, the cave was flooded
With unrelenting brightness.
The light was burning her eyes,
Yet she saw a dark shape entering her prison
While the rock was being moved aside.
A feeling of freshness entered the cave,
Sounds of freedom could be heard.
The taste of freedom was tempting.

The dark shape moved into the cave,
Muttering to himself.
He was covered in rain and sat down with a sigh.
He spied tatty feathers and smelt decay.
He looked deeper into the darkness
And spotted a bird.
Forlorn and unloved, cowering nervously.
He reached over and offered some seed
He had been carrying.
She hopped forward and fell into his hand.
Gently, he lifted her and fed her.
She ate a little, then fell asleep.
The man made a pile of leaves
And gingerly placed her on it.
He made a fire from the branches
He found around the cave
And promptly fell asleep.

The next morning, he woke up
To find the bird looking outside,
As if she wanted to leave,
But was too afraid.
He stirred himself and picked her up.
He told her she could fly
And was trapped no longer.
She tried to remember the actions.
She tried to flap her wings,
Then fell, harshly, to the ground.
She tried to flap her wings,
The flew in circles,
Using only one wing.
Gently, he opened both wings,
Releasing them from captivity.
She took off towards the sun and disappeared.

The man was happy, but sad.
He had released the bird
And helped her on her flight to freedom.
But she had gone.
He started his walk again
And slowly walked towards the sea.
The morning sun became the midday sun,
The light and environment changing constantly.
It became very warm and he was hungry.
He sat down, built a fire and brewed some tea.
He thought of his friend and the air fluttered
In tune to beautiful singing.
He looked up and saw the bird,
Happy and free.
He smiled and welcomed his friend.
She flapped her wings in recognition.
She flapped her wings in celebration.
And flew towards the sparkling sea.

Karen King Copyright 18 September 2016

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