Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 20, 2016

” but why “



” but why “

why these killings, of
souls innocent
for what gains, they
pluck these unflowered buds
innocent smiles, with
faltering steps
playful gestures
stuttered words
are the joys of home
delights of hearts
maniacs in guise
with human attire
walk into school
pump all bullets
screams and cries
unmoved those devils
chopped limbs
scattered flesh
touches them
with devilish laughs
victorious gestures
on weak and lame
c e l e b r a t e
i bury
my only flower

~ yathi

2015©Raj Babu Gandham
rights reserved©author rajbabug
photo source google www


  1. Why indeed. There were two attacks on innocents in New York yesterday by terrorists.

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