Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 20, 2016

Dolphin heart ~by Amaterasu Yana



Dolphin heart

Dolphin heart
open the windows of thought
cork out the moon of freedom
throw lavish smile to stars

babbling words saying ta ta ta
she stirs cherubic curiosity
why moon is one and
stars are countable In sky

her contagious smile goes on
like budding of cherry in a garden
her questions recur time and again
like molten clay making pot

her pots of questions which were cocooned
melted like dewdrops
alas, she became a tree from bud
Somebody closes her windows of thought

She divorced her pot of desires
iced her curiosity
Float her whirlpool of conscience
she profusely sweat in

WORDS BY Amaterasu Yana

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