Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 21, 2016

Daily missive for Wednesday the 21st of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 21st of September.

There is simplicity
In love
A dimple
The arch of an eyebrow
A small scar bisecting
The right one.
A youthful indiscretion
When we were too
Caught up in each other
To notice a pothole
And tumbled
In a heap, laughing
Through the embarrassment
Pretending to be
Survivors of a holocaust.
Covered in muck
Soaked in blood
From a tiny cut
All those years ago
That even though
It quickly healed
Was always a reminder
Of the way we were
The angle we took
On life.
Not always the same
But never different enough
To matter
Or to negotiate a compromise
When it was better
To collaborate.
I was captivated by
The twinkle in your eye
The way your hair
Fell in a wave
No matter how
Much you tried
To change it
As I watched
From the bed
In fascination,
Never tired of
Seeing the little things
The stuff
Of life and love.
That when added up together
Made us
Who we were.

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