Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 23, 2016

Daily missive for Friday the 23rd of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 23rd of September.

The old tug
Turns slowly against the tide
Its joints straining
Parasitic rust climbing over
Iron walkways,
One day it will just give up,
Ground on a sand bank
Its back broken,
Left to founder
As it slowly falls away
Into a sea that
Lays a claim
To all the salvage.
It is inevitable
As its heart broke
Years ago when the
Ships stopped coming
And the only reason
Left to sail
Was to give tourists
A taste of the sea.
A glimpse of olden times,
When to get up
A head of steam
Was more than a cliché,
An aeroplane
Was an unusual sight,
The vapour trail
A criss-cross of wonder,
Not a flight path
For a convoy,
A squadron of geese
Flying off
To different climes.
Everything changes
Even the sea has moved
And as the waves break
Each one a little different,
I remember how we
Were swept away
On a high tide
Of emotion
That may have
Ebbed and flowed
But it never turned
And will never
Drain away.

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