Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 23, 2016

Vestiges of you~by Joeleyne Ford



Vestiges of you

Beautiful memories forever mine
Moments of existance thru space and time
Vestiges of you that remain
Small reminders of good days gone I retain
A spoon of silver adorned with a rose
And the rings you gave me to wear on my toes
Cowrie shells we took all day to find
Beàutiful gem stones given in kind
Flowers you gave me in my bible lay
Forever pressed a reminder how you loved me each day
An antique bracelet you bought with your last pay
Just to see me smiling brightly that day
My first ring you made from a pound coin you had saved
My tattoos of you on my body FOREVER engraved
My pearl necklace last christmas a gift still unworn
For all this lost love my soul weepeth and mourn
Grey clouds cast gloom across the skies
Nary an ear to hear my woeful cries
I look to the stars and render my soul
My sorrows I wail for my heart that you stole
What to do with these memories of you
These vestiges of happiness when you loved me too….
23 September 2016

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