Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 24, 2016

First Bite~by Norman Wilson



First Bite

There is a difference harnessed this night
Confounding to a dimming light
In servitude to the moon, trawling
Baiting souls to angels calling

I walk under black gander skies
Catering to stalking shadows, twice my size
As my heart beats less often, than more
Before panning eyes stray to explore

I see a lighthouse, high
As I revel to reach, to be inside
A light brighter than the dimming moon
Where angels call, much to soon

From the tree line, I emerge
Debased of soul and heart in tiding surge
No longer man but partial beast
Where waves of ocean waters, are released

The lighthouse looks closer, from where I stand
Even though I am more beast, than man
Yet I see hope at water’s edge
Where I found muse in what the night dredged

In foulest night came my plight
Where a slithering kiss turned out to be a bite
Advantage was the wolf that owned the moonlight
As I near closer with my wolf like sight

My senses say, go on and follow the shore
Then again, go back to the forest for more
For that forbidden kiss was such a delight
Causing me to turn back to fill my appetite

All rights reserved 09/18/16
Norman Francis

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