Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 25, 2016

Quest — (I)~by Ziauddin Bulbul



Quest — (I)

Otherness is creation of time
In the whale of time’s ocean,
in velocity of moving particles —
in numerology, and in isohyet.

In the estrus, in trade and commerce
lies the well and good of this earth.
You know the known and unknown
because of knowing the time
you can embrace the extinction.
Because of knowing the time
you can assume from the act of coral
the vastness of desolation.

There is no time without place
Yet lonesome moments are there.
Apart from the curvature of cosmos,
susceptibility of nuclear time
isn’t the convexity of imaginative lens —
time is the nature,
Form of which is settled in the past,
cannot seize the celerity,
it is neither sketched nor stiffened in the grave
it’s not the divisional part of hours of night
but meditation.
Separate from pleasure far from the throes of agony
For which the grief is bewildered
Stability or instability is meaningless to it
There is no value of matters or places in its mind
Or of life and death, dark and light.
Over that peak of life resides death
Is that called time?

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