Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 25, 2016

she was my sister ~by Nutan Sarawagi



she was my sister

She laughed at us
she made fun of us
she was my sister
she ridiculed us
she thought we didn’t know as much as her
we were nincompoops
she toasted us
She said we didn’t love her mother
as much as us

then one day God came to stay
in our hearts to never go away
he told us we were doing fine
in our hearts he touched us in his love divine
he took us through difficult paths
rowed our boat even at half mast
ploughing us through waging storms
in dungeons dark dingy where no tears could hold
through lost terrains where life was sought
where sunlight hid itself in the eerie dark
where the nights cried in broken sobs
here people lived in tunnels
afraid of light
where life was as unpredictable as life
where tears crept out of eyes
afraid to fall what if they told lies
of a story lived out of life
of a story you did not dare to tell
a story of life
that everyone called a lie
but for you it was your truth
the story of a life
lived n died

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