Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 25, 2016

Time is thought…~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Time is thought…

Time is a great thought,
Time & tide,
Gives a tough ride,
An imprint of false pride,
On the sands of time,
Humans failing to understand the rhyme,
The rhyme sung by Nature,
Nothing is permanent here,
Why wear a false coat of pride,
Knowing pretty well the two sides,
Pride & prejudice leave their stamp,
Counting the pros & cons ,
Excepting the invisible footprints,
Stored by memory giving always a hint,
Stay with the present,
Stay alert,
Forgive the past,
Forget the past,
The past is gone to infinity,
The future is so unsure,
The next second is never known,
In sheer alacrity leaves us to frown,
But still future holds hope,
Work is worship,
Work hard to reach your goal in future,
Aiming at the goal post work here,
Reaching the top of the mountain,
You find the fountain,
The fountain that surprises you often,
The fountain is a source of inspiration,
The source is not known,
But flowing since time immemorial ,
Restoring the faith of civilization,
Time & tide wait for none,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 24/9/2016 10:32 A.M.

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