Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 26, 2016

If love so tired~by Sandra Regina Viana



If love so tired

If love so tired
Sleep I watch the moon
If the sky looks you crumble to pieces of glass
Dance around the fire
Ascend with the tide
And amanheceremos again
“Time to be reborn”
Now it’s time to think …
Let everything be put on the scale …
It is time to review concepts, plans,
Thinking in the years
reviving hope
To be more LOVING.
More forgiveness …
Be more serve and deliver
Be more heart.
Let life and love
Talk more with each moment
Let’s hand it over delivery
that has more value which leads;
Within the soul.
Time to be more comfort, more light
Time reborn to be better
Time to be closer to God;
In thought and actions.
In love and emotions.
Think, look inside of you, think …
Has that infinite desire;
To be much more, and follow
Walk and proceed;
loving with the greatest love you can
Supporting everything that comes …
To be short …
One being that it was worth giving his life
It was worth giving so much love.
God bless them …
Bringing peace, with much love light …
To cherish every heart with all tenderness
Gently bringing the reinvigorated energy
In every sense, that flourish all goodness
Letting it flow happiness to donate;
In each act, in simple speak, the sweet act
Leaving an open heart …
For the next day leave the streets
Smiling, looking each with eyes of affection;
Donating more beautiful it is, LOVE!
So … for the whole day feel the soul in full state of happiness!

Sandra Regina Viana

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