Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 26, 2016

NARAJ HILLS~by Saroj K Padhi




Music in the air murmurs your name
in the wakeful ears of the rocks
when the hedges in the vale join hands to float
the scent of your body in the breeze,
and crazed in the arms of a September evening
into a sort of stupor I slowly freeze;

with the faint memory of the last ray
from a sinking Sun
cuddling a rising Moon at the fringe,
when an invisible cricket sang out with ease
from behind the bush of darkening hills
and the trees shivered in tune
with the joy of its unending thrills;

flashes of our love adorn the banks now
in the glimmer of the tireless glow-worms
weaving stories of love on sleeves of trees,
with the scent of fresh drizzles
overpowering the flow of the breeze,
when I hold on to the hills
heaving heavy sighs under the gloomy trees
and the shrinking Mahanadi sheds tears
over huge losses of water under a lonely bridge.

Copy right:@ Saroj K. Padhi /26/09/16

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