Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 27, 2016

I become your life ~by Nutan Sarawagi



I become your life

Don’t blame me for the life I knew
Don’t blame me for the life in which I grew
for it to withstand in whichever direction they blew
smothering me covering me in ashes they threw

hailstorms in it to be struck in life
to bail in life

When heaven crept so low in it to touch the earth below
in the yellow haze of life sandstorms tornading below

In the earths dust to be wiped in gods halo light
to light the storm within me as it goes leaving me
thunder swept believing me
live in me despite me
I am that light
I will lead …beyond all life to live anew
bear with me your cross to hold
in gods love to see unfold

for you are my child born to me
in this time don’t desert.. love me
the way you always did.. don’t slip
get your hold on me I will take you threw
in the drowning rain however tough may be the terrain
hold my hand in you tight don’t think just love the light
that takes you burning in you searing through
as you burn in its light
you once again become life

a life so rare in it to be
to see the light coming through me
for you are my life i life in thee
never forget that just live in me
as I wade you through life by my side
just be me

I am your light turn me on
stay by my side
be my life

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