Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 27, 2016

The Missing Piece~by rldubour



The Missing Piece

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Now I have a voice, as I pictured it to be.
The cutest little northern voice I knew that it would be.
But the puzzle still needs pieces to all are put in place.
The puzzle won’t be complete until I see her face.
Life is full of puzzles as anyone can see.
To find that missing piece, means so much to me.
When I complete my puzzle this is what I’ll do.
I will take the care to keep it there, looking like brand new.
Don’t think you are a puzzle that I am referring too.
Just a simple analogy, of how I would care for you.
Each day go on caring as love grows more and more.
Each day go on sharing that’s what life is for.
So my dear I’ll wait, as time goes slowly by.
Wait until that missing piece, is right before my eyes.

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