Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 27, 2016

Without Me~by Hela Tekali



Without Me

I went on a journey without me
I begged my spirit to set me free
The Moon hid, I could not see
The light transpiercing half of my knee

My lips exchanged a kiss, I never see
My body felt the love without me
I called up my soul to hear me
My overt confession to save me free

My heart would disavow, without me
Where its beats would travel away from me
Was it a hidden place inside? I will never be
Can I share their inner reflections inside me

My heart, soul , spirit inside me
I am drunken in stupor and fury to free me
I went on a journey without me
Coming back home to discover the bright light in me.

Jenayah hela
@Spiritual Poetry
all rights reserved

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