Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 30, 2016

A DREAM IF COMES TRUE !~by Jagjit Singh Jandu




Some times a thought strikes to mind
If night doesn’t leave on sun-rise
Enjoy to see you in dreams at night
My being entwining with yours
May enjoy fantasy of your glimpse
Wish at door steps of mind’s temple
Lamp in your name may lit alive
Moon may play hide & seek
Taking the cover of clouds high
Sleep has turned to be an enemy
And night feels proud for its charms
Stars swimming across the chest of sky
Keeping eyes at me to secretly spy
Don’t know what to do?
It seems if people mock me during the day
Dark moments at night too don’t obey
How this night of separation may end?
O’ Lord ! Be kind to tell me the way !
By:Jagjit Singh Jandu ( Jit )
@ September 29, 2016
All Rights Reserved

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