Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 30, 2016

LOVE & ICE-CREAM 3~by Tukur Loba Ridwan

This could have just faded into the background of our memories about 1 and 2. But because love would not just die like that, here she comes in more flavours like lines. Or have you not read the first two?




This love note would thus transit
To a bond between your ‘luring skin
And my ‘lured eyeballs‎, and it would
Melt not, so long as you keep stirring
My words‎ into the texture and taste
Of a cold, sweet scoop in many hues.
What shall stuff a hungry bowel
Shall not bypass tests by the eyes
For the eyes knows what bowels relish.
I have seen skins taste vanilla to the eyes
With a complexion other than your African.
You may suggest in dialects of strawberries
(in letter twenty-twos or twenty-threes)
But I boast to have kissed its rosy like
On a pinky swell in the heat of ‘lust’
That ‘love’ was the alternate word
I nursed for the luxury of this rare feeling.
A banana flavoured scoop
Would be no match in its hue
And taste, for your tanned skin
While at work the mesmerised noon
That your brown-sugar’d body, a muse
To my chocolate poetry in such relish…
Your image is an imagery, minced
Into to my creamy lines when I sit
Atop my subconscious to watch
Your lips give a melting tongue-kiss
To a cold brown scoop in such relief.
I am chocolate too, but not enough
Until I melt in your moist lips like
A butterscotch as you send warmth
Across my frozen tissues in the factory
Of our ice-cream love, as does your
Chocolate skin to my brown eyes. . .
O’real © 2016.

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