Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 30, 2016

Our garden blooms no more…~by Joeleyne Ford



Our garden blooms no more…

You would buy me flowers that together we would arrange
I’d stroke every bud so gently, you would laugh at me being ‘strange’
They would last for weeks blooming in all their glory
Written on every petal our beautiful love story
You would go ‘midnight shopping’ for me
Stolen plants from peoples garden tended lovingly
We built many a garden together
Making love in them during rainy weather
I’d watch my flowers reach for the sky
Growing stronger and flourishing and I knew why
Because we were never two souls but one
Our hearts fused together by rays of the sun…
I miss you my forever but its been some time
You’ll always have a special place in this heart of mine

29 September 2016 (Apart from him 1 month 6 days)

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