Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 30, 2016

Quest — IV~by Ziauddin Bulbul



Quest — IV

Who knows that moment wasn’t like pewter
Which has desired a form like an immense godly power,
Confusion attacks alike to thunderbolt of atom
And captured the moments and places — the maya an illusion.
Thus getting the shape of first foetus, appeared the subject of first god’s form —
Three-in-one power intellect and wisdom.

Who knows that
the star-the nebula- the galaxy aren’t the offsprings of time, abstract—
But the issues of spaces governed by time.
On the thickened but decaying line of centralised momentum
on the fountain of life and death and in the extreme circular articulation
life isn’t the product of time
Who knows that ?
In its cellular tissues and inside its sockets of skull focal point exists — and the time;
By embracing each other
the time and place are jointly present there
inertia – sluggishness – bone and skeleton,
Loins, shank, knees
Intestines,knuckles and arteries
Sounds, strokes, waves — and lives.

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