Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 1, 2016

Smile.~by Bonita Arendse




A smile is an act of kindness
It erases the darkness of blindness
It opens more than doors
And its a blessings
And more and more then a cure.
ITs the joy one sees on ones face
that is worth more than words that cannot be replaced.
Take this time to reflect in what you’ve got!!!
As this moment will count for you
Then being in life’s shock.
We are the reasons behind our smiles
As its an act of the heart
That smiles with the soul.
Its our way of feeling blessed
than claiming that we old.
I choose to smile everyday
Needless the problems in my way .
I take it one step at a time
As the smile on my face is making you
The reason to shine.

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