Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 1, 2016

I believe~by Joeleyne Ford



I believe

From the ruins and ashes, the torments of the past
A glimmer of light thru my souls window doth cast
Tis slight but I see it growing stronger
My heart is enlivened and my spirits bolder
I believe in happily ever after
Days filled with unconditional love and laughter
Where art thou my diamond among men
I need only one not eight, nine or ten
I believe his words spoken in truth
His depth of sincerity in this is proof
How does he love me, let me count the ways
A tune of merriment my heartbeat plays
I believe in second chances – a broken hearts best cure
Only thru time and soulful essence can one be sure
Gently I caress each thought in my mind
Untainted by yesterdays pain left behind
Smiling I read each word he has written
Leaving my heart undoubtably smitten
For mine is a special order and shall take time
For love to again fill this heart of mine 🙂

1 November 2016

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