Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 5, 2016

#Silence_Is_Hurting_Me………~by Lopamudra Mishra




My pulsation though silent,
Erudite voice warbles testimony,
Of saddened story of aficionados,
Crumbles the soft and supple,
Rhyming kernel of mine,
Tears stifle in the core,
Suffocating me in quietude,
The familiar hush –hush sound,
Lost with the blush of setting sun,
My fierce battle is with the smile, now,
The chapped lips deny,
The dry eyes vanquishes the salty tears,
The fragrant smiling flower seems pale,
The store house of memory struggles,
With the photographic pictures of pleasure and laughter,
The promiscuous exchange of words,
Buried in my dark corner,
Hurting me……..time to time,
My alphabet babbles for the word,
Silence pervading in my faded face,
Searching acquaintance in crowd,
The tranquil scenery is pinching me,
Because your silence is hurting me.

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