Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 6, 2016

I’ll Rise~by Hela Tekali



I’ll Rise

Recollecting the ashes
From the past
I’ll Rise…
Carrying the burden
Of my fragmented self
I’ll Rise…
But I keep dragging
Myself till I am reborn
But I keep walking
In spite of my defeat
Falling off
From my shoulder
Bit by bit
For I keep fighting
Through days and nights
The storm of emotion
Steadfast I’ll fight
I’ll rise…… despite my failure
Surrounding myself
With divine madness and Light
As a sleeping woman
Now I am awake
Never letting my life at stake
I ‘ll rise…
Through the wind of prayers
I ‘ll sweep away my sorrow
I ‘ll challenge the storm of chaos
I ‘ll see the light
And in the end of the tunnel
I’ll rise…
Leaving behind me the trail
Filled with blood
I ‘ll Rise…
I’ll Rise…

Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry
All Rights Reserved
I’ll Rise

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