Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 6, 2016

Vanishing blues…~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Vanishing blues…

Vanished to the dark waters,
Manacle on hand for lovers ,

The shackles of love brushing against,
Mounting thoughts of the cruel feast,

Surrendering silently to the world of solitude,
Within the your walls life in rusting attitude,

Filling the saga in the dairy of life,
Ink not flowing to hit down the rife,

Feelings butchered on the cells privacy,
Idealism locked by the hypocrisy,

The thoughts did not match at all,
The cruel ordeal within the cell,

Vanishing into the dark waters of life,
Sinking into the depth of abysmal depression in stride,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 6/11/2016 20:30 hours

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