Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 6, 2016

~Your absence is making me grow fonder~by Lopamudra Mishra



~Your absence is making me grow fonder

Neither roaring waves of ocean,
Nor the roaring tigers of sanctuary,
Or the reverberating crowd
Magnetised my empathy,
The rift of my ailment,
Is isolating me from the noises,
Between all the fun and excitement,
My world misses your solidarity,
The strange void in bosom,
Whimpers your epithet,
Discontent eyes search for your evidence,
Amidst the silken landscape of ocean,
My untaught hands build a sand statue,
Sensible of thee ,carved my eagerness and,
Inscribed my heartfelt lines,
In the bubbles of oceanic moisture,
The strange bond of friendship,
Clasped me and my conscience,
To an utter emptiness,
Because I am addicted to your togetherness,
The powerful bond knocks my cleavage,
With your alluring fragrance,
Hurting me time to time,
Fabricating thoughts of closeness,
Realising me your absence is making me grow fonder.

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