Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2016

I Will only be………~by Lopamudra Mishra



I Will only be………

I will not shed my precious tears,
For the leaf that ditched me,
Which fell in ground and flew with the wind,
To the distant land of bugling beauty.

I will not laugh with the blue cloud,
Smilingly besmirch my godliness,
Through its fragrant chilly gust,
and, navigate,.
To hide in the star studded ambience.

I will not cry in the starry night,
Searching constellation in mid night,
Or swayed by the brightness of pole star,
Visible in moonlit night ,and,
Vanishes in day light.

I will not smile with dry lips,
Though the winter is spreading its grip,
Fight for rhetoric in my speech,
The alphabets struggling to come out,
With the fear of whip.

I will not blink my eyes,
To sip the beauty of flourishing prairie,
Where I will lost my path,
Amidst the green scenery,
Running to catch the butterflies,
Near the streams and valley.

I will only be with my lionised pastured,
Which will nurture me,
Walk with me,
Holding my delicate fingers,
With care and compassion,
During Solar eclipse to Lunar eclipse.

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