Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 9, 2016





I am a habitual cloud chaser
Lying on green grass, shaded by trees above
Enjoying my own ennui in a capricious way
River ahead reflects my subject wondrously
Wandering clouds meander in no defined patterns
I wonder are they chasing me…

I am not asking rain clouds to carry a message
Not mapping their beautiful route to bliss;
Wafted by breeze, lifted by solar cells
I watch the milky cadence dance
Watch with fascination, watch in trance
I wonder are they carrying me…

Faked by drift, Choked by tears
Their hearts broken, they are to pieces shred
Succumbing to earthly fears
When they drop dead, they shed
Last few traces of their heavenly spread
I wonder are they missing me …

@ Ravi Ranganathan 9.11.16

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