Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 9, 2016

FACES OF MOON~by Saroj K Padhi




You always made all of my moments so beautiful:
while I loved to sip milk from mother in the yard
in milky white you hung from sky, a toy delightful;
as I wrote secret letters as a boy to the girl of love
your beams gave a sheen to unformed green words
to make her blush at herself, you a mirror beautiful;
as honey dripped from the mouth of luscious Youth
you gave wings to my years, to make flight delightful;
in days that sorrow grilled me and the sun burned me
in sympathy at night you wobbled in black in lone sky
pointing at me to rest, your nights then were mournful;
in you I see my joys, tears and the desire to be hopeful
every new look at you makes me about self so forgetful
your face wipes out all hurts and terrors in looks merciful.

Copy right @Saroj. K.Padhi/09.11.16

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