Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 10, 2016

Dancing in the rain~by Joeleyne Ford



Dancing in the rain

I feel again, yes its true,
With my heart thoughts of you
Wrapped in tissue, packed in a crate
So that they don’t evaporate…
Allow me the pleasure to dream a while
When thoughts of you bring me a smile
I don’t profess perfection I have many a flaw
A suitcase of baggage, sadness stuffed in a drawer
Many scars on my body each tell of hardship and pain
Not much merriment from man can I claim
I create my own happiness when dancing I’m free
No judgements or accusations, I’m alone with just me
If you could love tender like an abandoned dog can
That would make you the kindest, greatest of man
To love unconditional, no strings attached
Unto no frivilous matters your heart be latched
I’m not the most firmly grounded woman I say
I never stay in one place, nomadic I stray…
I’m a gypsy queen of the land
With bells on her ankles, and rings on her hand….
Flowers adorn my hair and I dance in the rain
No two days are ever the same
I swim naked in oceans, rivers and lakes
For my own happiness, I do what it takes
When I surrender my soul unto the one I feel for
I become unstoppable and do more ! More !
I’m a writer, a philospher, a seeker of truth
Within every tale there’s always an ounce of truth
I don’t take kindly to hatred or pain
Never down that road shall I walk again
I love so intensely with my entire being
I don’t want to become but a fading dream….
I’m 42 still young enough to try again
Will you run away with me ? Will you dance in the rain ?
10 November 2016


  1. Beautiful – and I love to dance in the rain too

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