Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 10, 2016

Moonlit Dark~by Norman Wilson



Moonlit Dark

In passing of night-light of white
Brighter than the memories of life
Beaming in past truth
Dancing, dancing under heaven’s roof

There was the dance of angels
Chasing a quiet beastly night
Fixed in chance of a long-lasting embrace
Timelessly frozen beneath star-bright

Colourfully in a dramatic moment
Transcending far-away from the mystic moon
Where our silhouettes met under
Sequestered in the trappings of a ballroom

So speak softly O’ my blissful heart
Harkening to the senses of her tender ear
In validating words, so sugar sweet
Where forth no other tongues could interfere

There are those casting disparaging heckles
To shame our amorous embrace
An embrace carefree of wagging chins
Debating our romantic chase

The night went on forever
In the sweeping steps of the moonlit dance
Where we held on together
Rendering our hearts into a trance

The chattering tongues were never-ever
Never-ever a matter of our hearts
For we are now forever together
After the last dance in the moonlit dark

All rights reserved 10/07/16
Norman Francis

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