Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 10, 2016

TRACES OF MOON~by Saroj K Padhi




Traces of moon everywhere
even when she is not there:
her silhouette sighing in the day
laments loss of nocturnal love
and paints my woman in the sky
like a flower after suck,
turned pale and gray;
even when she is not there
million moons dazzle in eyes of stars
that fail to sleep in absence of her;
she is always there
far or near
shadow or real, half or crescent
front or rear;
any heavenly body presenting
an illusion of moon
awakens images of the woman lost
in the abyss of the mind;
semblance of dots on her face
painted on the sky
like pimples on loved woman’s cheek
excites beams of passion in onlookers’ eye;
flowers resembling the moon
madden the honey bees to suck on
and women moon-like in soul hang on.

Copy right @ saroj k. padhi/ 10.11.16

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