Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 11, 2016

Rest Now~by Norman Wilson



Rest Now

Oh, Lord
lay me down upon the black sands
so I may rest awhile
as thoughts of my love lay deep in my heart
while I beam with my last smile
Beneath the raptures of an exalted sky
that bleeds down upon the sands on this day
Under an orange sunset streaked in white
laden in ash-vault grey.

To be once more home
and walk upon the smooth cobblestone streets
with rocks, pebbles and marble of many shades
rounded smooth beneath my feet.

To witness again
the northern pines sway gently,
gently in an early spring blow
that touches the hand of my sweet love
as we walk upon a late drop of winter’s snow.

Yet I must rest now
and lay down my weapon of wanted peace
down upon the sands as I can fight no more
on the desert sands of this unforgiving war.

Still the vision of truth leans heavily upon men
men chasing words to their lore
while my mind drifts from the wisdom of others
to her, the one I ornately adore.

Has my whole life
now heighten beyond the designing
in a world of man,
In what I fully do not truly know or understand?

While my life’s blood drips on the Afghan shore
rooted in grains of pearly rodent tan
to the release of my hurting soul
so I may leave briskly
and rise beyond the desert sand.

As my epitaph of existence
becomes mapped, flagged and pinned
farewell sweet life I leave,
farewell to the sounds of the guns
farewell to my love and to you, everyone

Please remember me now for who I really am
for this war was never part of my earthly plan.

Yet I fought the brave fight
for the rights and freedom of others
and did the best I can.

So take me to the highway of soldiers
and let me travel the road with my chaps
and send me on my way
under banner of my flag
and to the sounds of the trumpet
sounding final taps.

All rights reserved 11,10,2014
Norman Francis

I wrote this to honour our fallen that gave us the freedoms
we enjoy 2 years ago

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