Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 12, 2016

I care for you and you for me ~by Sandra Regina Viana



I care for you and you for me

So does O … I care for you and you for me … and ready.
No orphans, no loneliness, no shortages …
Healed world! Reborn world.
It seems so simple right?
And by that we do not?
Is it really a vocation to suffer?
It does not … the son of God is born to be happy.
Takes care of a little one, give love, and trust …
Luscious colinho will appear for you too.
An hour, I have faith … that people learn the art of living well!
That flourish in every heart;
The sweetest and most tender feelings.
That have the scent of poetry;
written in every day.
Having hugs that were saved.
Smiles that were prepared;
To make happy, welcoming …
Let love be the reason.
Leaving you always live in the soul.
The sweetness of temper;
Each well want.
That are made in the eternal …

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