Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 13, 2016

FIRST RAIN-13~by Lopamudra Mishra




Hey ! my first rain,
Leaving my earth, you parted,
Today my heart aches,
You left me grieving silently,
Giving me pain in numberless form,
In numberless ways ,that I cannot justify.

Me like living dead quest your traces,
In the cloudless sky,
Eyes blink not with rosy dreams,
Sob quietly in the lively multitude,

My existence has left its dwelling place,
Slim chance for recrudescence,

Each hour is burning,
Each drop of mourning ,
Each breath is crawling,
Each step of mine is staggering,
Each sleep is disturbed,
Each thought is engrossed,
Left me in mainstream.

I now wandering in the chill evening,
In search of Bacchus,
To find solace in blades of grass.
But you gave me,
Rhyme of rain,
Bubbling pleasure,
Throbbing heat,in my cool meadow,

If ever we meet,
I want to greet you ,
With convivial spirit,
As your ecstatic presence added gloss to my weather.

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