Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 17, 2016

Stories~by Karen King




They walked around Story Street
Each with only one story to tell.
All their homes were made up of
Only one storey.
They wore their 2D glasses
To help them see
Their street more clearly.
If they didn’t wear them,
They would see nothing
But darkness.
But wearing them was
A little strange too.
The outline of the buildings
Would start becoming fuzzy
And furniture would disappear.
Doorways of rooms would
Fade in and out.
Walls would bulge
And the floor would tilt at funny angles.
Windows would become cracked and burst
And the curtains would sway,
Then become suspended in space.

They believed what was in front of them
And spent their time gossiping
And moaning about the past.
They did not make a brighter future
And always missed the present,
For all they did was tie themselves
To who they were,
With their one story to tell.

Perhaps it is time for them to try
And move on with their lives?
A new man has come to town,
He owns a shop selling 3D glasses.
He has been walking around
Seeing magnificent buildings,
Bright blue skies
And is creating a wonderful life.
His glasses help him to see the truth,
To see beyond the limited perspective,
To a bigger, brighter life,
Happiness in the moment and
Happiness in the future.
A place where creativity, morality,
Peace and love abound.
A world where old stories
Are forgotten.

Will these sad and lost people
Buy the new shop keeper’s glasses?
Or, will they continue to live
A restricted, negative life
For fear of the unknown?

Of course, as we all know,
These glasses are only a prop,
Like in a magician’s box.
A prop to give us confidence
And start to believe in ourselves
And the beauty of this world.
One day, no glasses
Will be needed,
For we will be able to see
The beauty and love
Of this world
Which we are failing to see
And which will remain hidden
Until we open our hearts.

Karen King Copyright 17 November 2016

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