Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 21, 2016

“HE IS ALIVE”~by Anita Sahoo

Inspired by my friend Ambika Prasad Mahapatra’s thought..




Said everyone he was no more
reluctantly she concurred
though didn’t want to believe
the remaining of a road mishap
was him
the smog evaporated to air
from the pyre
was him
the cause of pain and mourn
for some
was him
the brewing darkness in her eyes
was him
the growing restlessness in her
was him
the dying hope in heart
was him

But she had to accept
in a state of recept
as no more his whispers
she heard
as his place on bed
she found deserted
his touch no more she felt
his fragrance no more she smelt
no more was he
to hold her in embrace
no more was his chest
the source of her solace

But still senses flicker
in some forbidden corner
soul says he is alive
when in her tears
his 3 d image she perceives
holding him in her eyes
noticing the resemblance
of his smile on lips of her son
mind says no where he had gone
her son his shadow
as if he has reborn
holding her son in her lap
she feels the same warmth
feels the cosy presence always
of some wraith
he is alive
ever obstinately pronounces
her faith…
©Anita Sahoo

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