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Knowing America through Poetry ~ WYOMING ~ by rldubour

Monday!!!! In alpha order, we have come to the end of knowing America through poetry! We have learned a little bit of history, geography, and some trivia with the help of poetry! Thank YOU ALL for joining me in this adventure of touring our United States of America!


Knowing America through Poetry


Image result for WYOMING

This state is called~~ The Equality State.
The motto is~~ “Equal Rights.”
Wyoming means~~ At the big plains.
The residents are known as Wyominigites.

The flower is the Indian paintbrush
Yellowstone is the nation’s first National Park.
The tree is the Plains cottonwood
And the state bird is the Western Meadowlark.

In the late 1700s the European
Trappers were first to arrive
Fort Williams is the first garrison
In aiding the settlers to survive.

The late 1700s Indian tribes like the
Ute, Sioux, Shoshone, Crow and Cheyenne.
In the mid-1800 the Fort Laramie Treaty
Forcing tribes to live on reservation land.

Several trails were traveled while passing through
The Oregon trail to the Pacific coast
The California and the Mormon trail to Utah
All traveled through South Pass the most.

The restored Wyoming Territorial Prison in
Laramie a popular attraction in the old west.
In 1925 Nellie Tayloe Ross was elected governor
The nation’s first woman governor to do her best.

Devils Tower was designated as the
First National Monument.
And Cody, is named after “Buffalo Bill”
In honor of a mans true testament.

The first coal mine in Wyoming was
In Carbon in eighteen-sixty-seven.
Black Thunder near Wright is the
Largest mine in the nation not miss-given.

Mining, particularly oil and natural
Gas is the most important industry.
And the world’s largest sodium
Carbonate deposits adds to their economy.

The end is here and without shame
So much we learned and hope to retain.
With learned geography an a little history
And all we did was add some poetry!
Statehood, July 10, 1890 the 44th state
Capital is Cheyenne


States’ Order of Entry into the Union


01 DE DELAWARE 12/07/1787

02 PA PENNSYLVANIA 12/12/1787

03 NJ NEW JERSEY 12/18/1787

04 GA GEORGIA 01/02/1788

05 CT CONNECTICUT 01/09/1788

06 MA MASSACHUSTTS 02/06/1788

07 MD MARYLAND 04/28/1788

08 SC SOUTH CAROLINA 05/23/1788

09 NH NEW HAMPSHIRE 06/21/1788

10 VA VIRGINIA 06/26/1788

11 NY NEW YORK 07/26/1788

12 NC NORTH CAROLINA 11/21/1789

13 RI RHODE ISLAND 05/29/1790

14 VT VERMONT 03/04/1791

15 KY KENTUCKY 06/01/1792

16 TN TENNESEE 06/02/1796

17 OH OHIO 03/01/1803

18 LA LOUISANA 04/30/1812

19 IN INDIANA 12/11/1816

20 MS MISSISSIPPI 12/10/1817

21 IL ILLINOIS 12/03/1818

22 AL ALABAMA 12/14/1819

23 ME MAINE 03/15/1820

24 MO MISSOURI 08/10/1821

25 AR ARKANSAS 06/15/1836

26 MI MICHIGAN 01/26/1837

27 FL FLORIDA 03/03/1845

28 TX TEXAS 12/29/1845

29 LA LOUSIANA 12/28/1846

30 WI WISCONSIN 05/29/1848

31 CA CALIFORNIA 09/09/1850

32 MN MINNESOTA 05/11/1858

33 OR OREGON 02/14/1859

34 KS KANSAS 01/29/1861

35 WV WEST VIRGINIA 06/20/1863

36 NV NEVADA 10/31/1864

37 NE NEBRASKA 03/01/1867

38 CO COLORADO 08/01/1876

39 ND NORTH DAKOTA 11/02/1889

40 SD SOUTH DAKOTA 11/02/1889

41 MT MONTANA 11/08/1889

42 WA WASHINGTON 11/11/1889

43 ID IDAHO 07/03/1890

44 WY WYOMING 07/10/1890

45 UT UTAH 01/04/1896

46 OK OKLAHOMA 11/16/1907

47 NM NEW MEXICO 01/06/1912

48 AZ ARIZONA 02/14/1912

49 AK ALASKA 01/03/1959

50 HI HAWAII 08/21/1959

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