Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2016

We need another words.~by Hana Shishiny



We need another words.

You see her dying words.
And dry in the chest. These pains
We lost the world threw the fog.
And miss milestones and arenas

You see her dying words.
Frost covers the glow of dreams
The emotions run is gone
Like a flock of birds are migrating
To all the horizons of traveling
Endure the darkness of the days

You see her dying words.
And choking in the depths of the heart..
The waves are rising.
And it’s loud with no words.
And miss zia love pacific
And quiet at night longing?

Let us cultivate the heart beating.
We traded his words of love
Love ensued in immigration…
The touch.. Look.. and the idea
Where do you see it gone.
Sunshine day in love
Footsteps on the path
Noisy pulse in the heart.

We need another words.

by Hana Shishiny
November 2016…

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