Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 24, 2016

My Song~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



My Song

Don’t change my song
Tho lines don’t get along
Some weak some strong
Be of bells or huge gong

Let the lonely river sing
Tho bubbles in banks cling
Ballads of mountain spring
To the sea, land’s liquid string

Let the crow from roof call
Tho Akkk not Caww after all
Heard thru thick concrete wall
Strip of meadow its banquet hall

Let the squirrels chatter tale
Of huge rat with bushy tail
Tall grasses and bushes they sail
No paw prints left as a trail

Let old ladies jog and run
Fore the great strenght of sun
Tai chi be solemn yet fun
Awaiting of raisined rosemary bun

Silence of an aged toad
Creeping cars on villa’s road
Hijab hiding smiles so broad
Child’s laugh behind grocery load

Wars told not in this place
Friendship in multi culture race
Prim and proper with grace
Should my path retrace?

Earth in the land of air
All decent, maidenly fair
My curly unruly brazen hair
Goldilocks in Mama bear’s chair

Don’t change my song
Notes and rhythm be wrong
Rusty cracked musical prong
Let the humming prolong

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