Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 24, 2016

PARTITION……~by Lopamudra Mishra




I weep not for the splitting,
As we are supposed to be part,
Though each day is excruciating,
But you are still supreme in my heart,

I count not the stars in the midnight,
Because I see you smilingly in me,
I wrap you in my coat,
To feel your ador,
That resuscitates me.

I am bit tranquillised now,
Because I don’t have to wait for,
the assigned rendezvous spot,
Or feel distress , if you not drop.
I see you in my close eyes,
Hear your whimsical words even,
When my ears were stuffed with cotton buds.

I fancy you in my dreams,
Converse with you ,
when sidelined among aerial celebrations,
My nerves carry the neurons ,
That still hums your tale,
Colour of my pale cheeks,
Still become red ,
when you emerge in my well.

I know we parted,
But you are my soul,
Dwell in my thoughts,
Hence I weep not for partition,
But nurture you in my thoughts.

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