Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 24, 2016

RED MOON~by Saroj K Padhi




The lone red moon of a secret
hidden behind the brambles of your dark eyes
haunts my nights as the river in sleep
nestles in faint images of hills lying in the deep
till her quivers are silenced by thirsty water
and a deafening bird cry in mid sky
breaks the poise, ending the romance and the fever;
at such a critical juncture
life asks me questions I fail to answer,
‘Why this living, this longing, grieving and dreaming
when you know to what finally you are heading
in midst of squalor, disease, death and terror?’

A few gray leaves dozing in dark bushes
on bank of the sad river
flutter in the wind, agog to answer–
in moments quiet
the moon to us does whisper
about the battles and bruises
breaks and betrayals
that tear us asunder
and in grief how it turns red
in dire distress all alone to wander,
but keeping faith in fluorescent nights
in the offing that reveal its wonder.


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