Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 25, 2016

In My Sleeping State~by Ziauddin Bulbul



In My Sleeping State

In my sleep I listened
the uncanny sound of footsteps
at the midst of night I wake up
not once but ten only times.
Seeing the shadow on wall
Fear has shaken the roots of my respiration,
Who has wilfully come into my room
Or disappeared someone since not received
the response from me ! Hurriedly
I left my bed and proceed towards the door
Is there any waiting on the porch ?
Severe emptiness grabbed my whole existence.
I come back to my room
holding the half finished book lie down on my bed.
In cliched sleeping
if the flute ever started ringing
reminding the music of those far off evening
used to playing on the prairie of polite greenery
will than the queen of sleep bid me good bye ?
On the forehead of night blooming the tinsel
by the touch of one who is still remained behind the screen.
Now it’s just footsteps only footsteps
in the sleeping state.
The footsteps of whom I listened
she had to go far away !
Do I stay here to look after the household chores?
Yes I too set out for far aiming to reach your amores
I may travel on boat
and would unknowingly passing your domain
though my sail will float in search of you.
You would be than washing the dishes
or changing the staled sari of last night,
An unknown bird sitting on the branch of jackfruit tree
will proclaim the name of your guest continuously
which may appear in your mind
And on the other side I’ll extend my look
from the running boat towards the disappearing village
which is alike to your eyebrows.
In my sleeping state I listen your footsteps
as if you are coming startling the immobile darkness
I observed keenly the surrounding
Your footsteps shrouded my heart and conscience
I noticed the move of your hands
and it seems to me that in the shore
where anchored my boat which I didn’t want to be.
Where I am going now unmindfully ?
Attaché of my hands taking the shape of goose flying away;
With the musical magic of a bird in its eyes welcoming me;
Litting the evening lamp you rise up alone in the terrace
And my sleep gets enlightened
Into my sleeping state your breath gets liveliness
your footsteps gradually decaying my existence in dark
your sprouted footsteps!

I don’t see you,
but I feel your secluded night-alike footsteps.

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