Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 25, 2016

LOVE REBORN …~by Suzette Portes San Jose

illustrated in acrylic painting by su7zette portes san jose
LOVE REBORN … by suzette portes san jose
(on 55th septon 4/6/6/4/3/4)



once lived… and died
it was true love that’s left behind
shadows of the past kept and denied
for life , in truth… eyes were blind

but love leaves no barriers
….from here and beyond
……..and if life should ever end
it will find its way back again
….for the love once shared
……..and forever more

love reborn in Greatness Goes
….and gone after time
……..but Going is never done
for the Gusty winds will be back
….to thaw a frozen heart
……..a breath of life to live

Seeing the reincarnation of a new Star
Shining in the Sky with love from afar
Seems so Spectacular in a moonless night
Sharing the glow though in fading light

let the heart journey once more
….hold this hand with a grip so tight
…… live again and never die

love moves even if the world stood still
reborn steadfast with hands of time to steal
in a pavement to lead on to somewhere…
somewhere in time… where love ever dare

copyright @ SPSJ 11/25/2016

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