Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 25, 2016

Starless Nights~by Norman Wilson



Starless Nights

I whispered in her ear, my dear
I told her all about, my fears
I was afraid someday she would leave
Causing the stars to fall from the sky, so I believe

There is a testimony going on
Where I testify to everything that might go wrong
So listen to my whispers and repeat
How blessed we are together, my sweet

I felt I needed to impress you my dear
By sharing with you all my worst fears
I told you I did not like to be alone in the dark
Instead, I was afraid you would break my heart

The birds will keep singing somewhere out there
While the blooms will bloom on the roses everywhere
So I will keep whispering for you to hear
That our love is forever, my sweet dear

Even though there might be some starless nights
I promise to whisper in your ear to make things right
So remember when you are feeling blue
That my whispers will always be just for you

All rights reserved 11.24,16
Norman Francis

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